Sunday, April 16, 2006

Weekend Recap - A First

Although they physically showed up for 3 games, the Yankees continued to somehow manage only playing about half of the time. On the other side of the token, the Mets continued their run as the early season darlings of baseball.

Is it me, or does it seem that the whole Mets lineup is hitting over .300. Today they even worked around both Darren Oliver and Jorge Julio outings in the same game to get the win. Now that's an accomplishment. Great bounce back from yesterday's game, Bannister, who struggled finding the plate while uncorking 112 pitches over 5 innings, held the Brewers lineup in check over the first half of the game to collect his second win. A solid number 5 starter would be a huge stabilizer for the Mets staff. Next up...the Braves, NY's Krptonite. Would be a huge early season boost to grab 2 out of 3 here and exorcise the demons. And as if they needed any more help, one Chipper Jones will be far from the field.

Thank god Wang finally pitched like we all thought he would this year. It seems like whenever someone is not pitching well the injury rumors immediatley start. Two weeks in and all people already had him struggling to come back from the injury last year and looking hurt. Is it ever possible to just not pitch well. Wang was back and forth between decent and awful his first two starts. Today, 8K's over 7 innings. I guess he made a miraculous recovery this week. And thank god, since Jaret Wright appears to be the Yankees answer to Jorge Julio and it appears unlikely that Carl Pavano will take the mound until the next lunar eclipse...Shockingly the Yanks offense posted 9 runs on another day when they didn't need them. Can you teach consistency?

Does Ruben Sierra (called up by Twins) plan on joining Julio Franco in their pursuit of Satchel Paige?....Yankee fans worst nightmares are starting to come to fruition in Beantown, Schilling and Beckett both look the 20-game winners they have been previously. Many looked at the Sox as weaker entering this season, but the one fear I had was if both of them can stay healthy and pitch to their ability. Its only two weeks, but they are both 3-0 with sub-2 ERA's. How long until Big Stein feels the need to counter...Did anyone notice the basketball and hockey playoffs start next week? Probably not, since most of the teams in both leagues are still playing and a month from now they will still seem far from over.


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