Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dream Round

Would you like to be Skipper Beck for a day? Besides owning a Mercedes dealership, a nice daytime gig, Mr. Beck was the third wheel in the Jordan-Tiger Pro-Am pairing before this week’s Wachovia Open in Charlotte.

It brings up a great question, if you can play golf with any three players, who do you take? Of course, I assumed a foursome, the norm for the beat-up public course I play on. A few years back, circa 2000-2001, I put some thought into it myself, and decided on Jordan, Tiger, and Ken Griffey Jr. Three hall of famers in their respective sports, each extremely competitive, with Griffey lightening the mood a bit with his infectious smile. A balanced group - stories comparing three different sports, three players at different stages of their career (at the time), and three fascinating personalities, on and off the field.

An interesting question. Skipper Beck got pretty close to my group. Who is in your group?


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