Monday, April 24, 2006

Yanks Bounce Back, Mets Get Bounced

Home Cookin'
All's well that ends well probably sums up the weekend at the Stadium. It sure started rough with yet another terrible Chien-Ming Wang outing and a comeback attempt halted in the 9th with the bat on Matsui's shoulder. But the Yanks recovered with two solid pitching outings and the Yankees expected offensive performance against weak pitching teams, where they just wear them into submission.
First off, is it time to start worrying about Wang? Outside of the start in Minnesota he has been terrible. There were definitely some questions about his health beading into the year. Could that be it or is it just a slow start or is he just not as good as we thought? Most people figured the Yanks could count on him for 15 wins this year, and were more worried about Johnson and Mussina. I actually thought 15 may have been under-selling him, so far...not quite. If that ball don't start sinking, the Yanks may be in trouble, given that great pitching depth they have with Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano.
Wang was a little easier to stomach after Chacon and Johnson rebounded from their respective awful outings to post solid games over the weekend. And perish the thought, Johnson actually pitched well with Posada behind the plate. The way Torre has made the lineup out the past two years and how you hear the situation analyzed I almost thought Johnson may refuse to take the mound with Posada in the game, never mind throw a gem. Maybe it proves how much (or how little) a catcher means to one particular pitcher if he's good enough for all the other guys.
Giambia for MVP??!!!?? And just think it's almost the one year anniversary of the Yanks asking him to become the most expensive AAA player ever. My how times change. You don't think he might be back on the...nah, nevermind.

Pedro or Bust
So everytime he takes the mound Pedro proves more wrong, again and again, by dominating without an over-powering fastball. Petey had the Padres looking like a bunch of Little Leaguers seeing their first breaking balls. Some of them could have used crutches to get to the dugout after the way their knees buckled.
One problem...apparently Pedro can't pitch everyday. And the problem gets magnified when Victor Zambrano has to pitch one of those days. How's that Scott Kazmir trade look now? It was bad at the time, and it just continues to get worse. If that trade came across my desk two years ago I would have first thought it was a joke, second tried to figure out what Dan Duquette (Mets GM) was thinking, or better yet smoking, at the time, then wondered if it was legal to allow such a lopsided trade to actually go through. And two years later it just keeps looking worse. Aaron Heilman anyone?? Hey, even Jorge Julio seems to be a better option at this time.


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