Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bring It...

Quick Hits...

Vince Carter is NOT an elite player. He's only had a few chances to prove it (re: Game 7 vs. Philly during his belated-college graduation) but time and again he has shown that in a big spot, like his buddy Kobe, Carter will either lay a dud or even if he manages to drop 40 or so he find a way to be detrimental to the team in a loss. Give me Rip Hamilton any day of the week.

Detroit is the team to beat. They have to bounce back after the Game 3 loss, but I think they asserted their authority over Cleveland at home in the first two games....Can Round Two be any worse, especially after the first round excitement... Was that Dallas playing sturdy defense against the defending champs. Watch out, if they can hold the Spurs down like they did in Game 3 and show up with their top offensive game they will head right to the Finals.

On Larry Brown...he did a terrible job this year both in coaching and handling the team. With that said, this debacle is not only his fault. Its not easy to put together a championship team, but I think it may be harder to put together this bad a mix of basketball players. No point guards, 8 shooting guards, guys that hate each other, rookies that the coach won't play, and lots of overpaid, unperforming players. Now thats waht I call an accomplishment. When you play this bad there is plenty of blame to go around...its like Christmas dinner, you can pass blame around the table to Isiah, Larry, Dolan, Starbury, other players, and still have leftovers after it gets around the table. They just need a total overhaul. Unfortunately it does not happen overnight and I would hope that we've reached the point where everyone is on a short leash. Interesting to see what happens. I say, start overhauling this roster and soon.


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