Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Isaiah At It Again

The Daily News reports the Knicks may pursue Rasheed Wallace. Did anyone watch the past few games in the Conference Finals unfold? ‘Sheed led the Pistons right into the wall. The Knicks do not need any more selfish, potential problem players. They already met the quota in that area. Thomas needs to clean the team up, not bring in more problems.

Besides Wallace, there has been talk about Jermaine O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, and any other potentially available player. My question is, who are the Knicks trading for these guys? Does someone want Steve Francis or Stephon Marbury, at their salaries? The Knicks need to put an end to quick fixes, and rash decisions, and start building a team around the young nucleus. Rasheed Wallace is not someone I want around young players.


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