Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Behind The Mics

I respect Suzyn Waldman for her accomplishments as a female sports broadcaster and cancer survivor. She is a far better reporter than radio analyst, but passable in the booth most of the time. Her reaction to Roger Clemens overdone, classless introduction at Yankee Stadium was not one of those times. Waldman’s extravagant reaction became the butt of talk radio jokes across the nation the following day, more a mocking of the situation than the person. That’s why Waldman is way out of line for attacking Chris “Mad Dog” Russo at a recent Met-Yankee game, as Bob Raismann reports . She needs to confront reality, understanding her reaction was the real joke, and Russo was not the sole proprietor of the good-natured ribbing. Simmer Suzyn.

…Mariano Rivera is a contender for worst interviewee. The guy simply never gives answers. Yesterday, in a brief interview with 1050 ESPN Radio’s Andrew Marchand, who is doing a solid job thus far, Rivera supported his pre-season comments that he would never sign with Boston and not a breath later stated any team is fair game. Mariano, its one thing to lie, ala JD Drew declaring he is not opting out of his contract last year, but at least save the double talk for separate interviews.

…WFAN’s morning host revolving door is killing me. Pick someone already. Mike and the Mad Dog, double duty is the best option so far, which is sad, not because Mike and the Dog are bad, but because the station needs the same duo for 8-9 hours of programming per day to survive.


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