Monday, May 22, 2006

Call the Infirmary

We have reached the point where I think it takes SUzyn Waldman requires more than a half inning for the injury report on the radio. Coming into the season it was Pavano and Dotel, neither of whom I was connecting on for anything other than a mid-season suprise boost. Then came Sheffield, arguably there biggest RBI threat but with so many other big boppers a few weeks without Sheff is manageable. Then Matsui. The rock, probably the most steady producer in the lineup outside of Jeter. The same guy who everyone said should take a day off instead of keeping that ridiculous games played streak (I was all over that one myself)...gone for the year. Trot out an outfield of Bubba Crosby, Melky Cabrera, and an over the hill Bernie for a few days then you start worrying.

Now it's Damon with the foot, Posada with the back, Pavano officially gone, Sturtze shelved for good, though some could argue that may be for the better the way he pitched. And the list goes on. More importantly, what to do?

First before doing anything rash, Posada should be back shortly and unless they are hiding something Sheffield is also back with two weeks or so. Damon is not seriously injured and he is going to play unless something changes. At that point the lineup, while not at its best, is more than sufficient to win. Cano has really stepped up, and there is not much better than Jeter, Giambi, Sheff, and A-Rod in the middle of the lineup.

Now, as for the pitching, HELP!! Pavano is definitely gone, so no more pipe dreams or excuses that we're just waiting for him to get here. For Jaret Wright, it's just a matter of time I think. Johnson is a whole other discussion (see Subway Series blog). The bullpen is spotty outside of Proctor-Farnsworth-Rivera, or what we hope those three are.

Bottom line, the Yanks can't panic and start making trades for the Reggie Sanders of the world at this point. Maybe they should not even trade for pitching quite yet, but I think they need to bide their time, save their chips, and if they make a move grab a pitcher. Never thought I'd say this, but ROGER that?


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