Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Mets at a Glance

Well the Mets at least gave the illusion that they fixed, or tried to fix, their pitching problems this week. Unfortunately, if you think El Duque Hernandez and Mike Williams are answers than I must have the wrong questions. The Mets need to go out and make a splash right now. They have a chance to put the ka-boosh on the rest of this division right now. 2 of 3 from the Yanks then the Phils, sporting a 6-game lead with Pedro and Glavine holding down the fort, now is could be the time to just put this out of reach. Zito may not be the answer, and I can't tell who is available and who is the answer. But its not El Duque, the same guy who could not get anyone out in Arizona. Could a Kelvim Escobar be available? Or perhaps one of the Twins pitchers, with each each of those teams floundering? Maybe Zito, but only if the price is right. THe last think they need is another Scott Kazmir popping up on another team in 5 years. Speaking of Kazmir, wouldn't that be a great fit right now...

On the field, last night aside, the Mets keep giving off that feeling that this might be one of those special years. One of the '86 Mets years, or those '96 Yankees years. Late inning heroics time and time again. And while its too early to proclaim it a turnaround, let me be the first to say that one Carlos Beltran has stepped up quite a bit and carried the team at times. Even threw in some late inning hits.

A comment on the bullpen if I may. I don't care if you are up 4 runs, 1 run, 8 runs, or down by 10, if the manager puts you in to pitch you go in and get guys out. I can't stand baseball players that think they are above certain situations. Come on Wagner, its the Yanks, a shutout, national that a problem. Not your situation. And don't give me this Willie should have left Sanchez in to start the 9th since it wasn't a save situation. My next beer is going to be a toast to the day when the save situation does not dictate the manager's pitching decisions.

I leave with this...lay off Willie....he is doing fine, not perfect, but he is going to be fine.


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